Sustainable St. Charles

Land Stewards….and Growers

St. Charles will opened its first community garden adjacent to the Gleneagles townhome community off of Billingsley Road in 2014. Plots of approximately 150 square feet are available to Sheffield and Gleneagles residents on a first-come, first-served basis, with those residents then responsible for maintaining their plot. Water will be provided to the site, and there will be parking available adjacent to the plots.

There is no cost for the plot, which can be used to plant flowers and/or vegetables, but residents will need to sign a contract agreeing to the terms of care. Our community gardens are an integral part of St. Charles' broad-based and continuing environmental initiatives. St. Charles is an environmentally friendly, smart growth community, and this program allows us to share with our residents the stewardship of that environment.

We See the Forest and the Trees

St. Charles is committed to sustainable practices in preserving its abundant natural canopy. Through our Piney Reach Forest Management Initiative, we cycle diseased and poorly formed lumber to certified local mills to be sustainably harvested, improving the overall health of forested lands in St. Charles. Additional benefits of the program include the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat and the positive impact to soil and water resources. Working hand-in-hand with a licensed forestry consultant, St. Charles has made a commitment to its residents and businesses to always grow more wood than is being harvested and actively managing its forests for generations to enjoy.