Supporting Our Local Community

St. Charles is keeping its promise to Charles County. Our master-planned community is committed to being fiscally self-sustaining--meaning we pay more property taxes to Charles County than we receive in county services like education, fire, police, and emergency medical services. We're proud to report that 5 different independent studies have concluded that St. Charles is keeping that promise.

St. Charles is keeping its promise to local businesses, schools and charities. Over the last five years St. Charles has spent over $90 million with local companies, county government, and charities to build roads, help expand the community hospital, support primary and secondary education, bring the Atlantic League All Star game to St. Charles, foster environmental initiatives, support youth sports leagues, and much more. We're proud to work with local organizations to build a better quality of life in Charles County.

St. Charles is keeping its promise to residents of Charles County. Just since 2002, St. Charles has donated the land for Blue Crabs stadium, St. Charles High School, and Mary B. Neal Elementary School; extended Charles Parkway, widened Billingsley Road, and rebuilt Piney Church Road, all to help traffic move freely through the county's development district; and rebuilt water and sewer infrastructure that will serve existing and new residents and businesses.

St. Charles has a bright future because of its proud history of keeping its promise to Charles County.

St. Charles by the numbers:

  • 9,200 total acres
  • 2%--St. Charles area percentage of the total land mass of Charles County
  • 50% is planned for residential use
  • 25.7% --almost 2,400 acres -- is designated as permanent open space
  • 16.5% is designated for commercial or industrial use
  • 8% is designated for school sites
  • 25% of Charles County residents live in St. Charles
  • Approximately $20 million -- the amount spent by St. Charles in Charles County in taxes, on contracts with local contractors, businesses, and charities, and employee salaries and benefits
  • $50 million spent since 2002 on public infrastructure projects in Charles County
  • $100 million – the value of parkland, school sites, road construction, and infrastructure projects that St. Charles has donated to Charles County since 1972
  • 5 villages
  • 11 existing neighborhoods
  • 10 neighborhood schools
  • 1 professional baseball stadium
  • 10 neighborhood centers
  • 10 neighborhood pools
  • 2 public parks

Our commitment to Charles County Public Schools:

  • There are ten schools in St. Charles, including St. Charles High School.
  • St. Charles donated 99 acres for the new high school and an additional $1 million for site work.
  • St. Charles and its residents have paid nearly $30 million in new school construction excise taxes.
  • St. Charles’ schools provide Charles County Public Schools with nearly 1,000 more school seats than are needed for our homes and apartments.