Regenerated Runner

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mounting Up On Wings

Race day is 2 weeks out so keeping on track with a training schedule is key. I am SO grateful for the shift in weather; to say that I’m not a cold weather girl is an understatement, so the wintery, blustery, brick weather can be a huge “run kill” for me. To get myself out the door each training day (and to combat my tendency to slack) I try to keep a registered race on my schedule because once I’m registered the idea of running under-prepared provides incentive for me to train.

When I find myself slacking, I let my SPC Striders run buddies know and give them carte blanche to “kick me in the legs”. Training is a commitment and you just have to Get-R-Done; rain, shine, whatever. Training in all conditions helps prepare you to race in all conditions. On days when I don’t feel like getting off the couch and running I remind myself that once it’s over I won’t have regretted it. There’s a phrase that I subscribe to which is putting “hay in the barn” and it basically means that when you’ve trained well you're equipped to run the race well on race day. I WANT THAT HAY.
Before a race I’m all nervous energy and adrenaline. So I don’t so much need to get “pumped” up more than I need to calm down - praying does this for me. If I start running off a burst of adrenaline I’m apt to start off too fast, expend too much energy early on, and burn out. I’m a slow runner and what I lack in speed I make up for in endurance, so I need to preserve energy so that I can run without getting weary. The three power songs that encourage me and keep me striding are: “Get Up” by Mary Mary, “They That Wait” by Fred Hammond, and “Finish Strong” by Jonathan Nelson. I choose music based on content over tempo since, for me, running is equal parts physical conditioning and mind state!

** Photo caption: This picture of me running under a power tunnel is one of my favorites - it was taken by friend, relay team member, and local photographer Mackenzie Neer of Neer and Far photography.