Regenerated Runner

Friday, April 5, 2013

Running with a Buddy Keeps You Motivated

I started my day Wednesday with a brisk (read: fast) 7:00 am 4 mile run with my buddy and Striders founder Laura...and, umm, I may or may not be PANTING while I type this - Ok, I am.

She’s just that much faster than me ya'll! But running with her is good for me; she challenges me to keep up, we swap funny stories, and she uses words like “delightful” which I find, well, delightful. When possible, I like to run with a buddy. In fact, if it weren't for my faithful run buddy Wendy (and my hubby, TC, who came through in the clinch during my last 13 mile training run by running with me,) I very well may not have completed my half marathon training last year. There are so many parallels between running, training, and my faith walk – tucking in close to those that are stronger than me, folk that are willing to encourage and mentor me, and being in community (like church) with others helps me grow stronger. All I can say ya’ll is thanks be to God for people with willing hearts and legs. 

So, with one run in the books so far this week, my next run will be on Friday (3 miles, solo) and since hubby would like to take advantage of the last Spring Break weekend and do something special with the kiddies, I’ll likely miss the weekly SPC Striders Saturday run. Hubby said that he’ll run with me on Saturday so I’m good to go - see ya'll? WILLING LEGS!  #winning! 

The SPC Striders and I are in the homestretch now with a little over one week until the St. Charles Run Fest. Getting amped, getting hype! Have you registered yet?

****In this pic: SPC Striders logo (top) me with fellow Striders coordinators Laura and Marie (left) and Striders members during pre run prayer (right).