Regenerated Runner

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

(Wo)man cannot run on carbs alone!

What a busy weekend. I spent 3 hours Friday running through the woods, dodging behind castles, and crawling commando style on the ground. Yep, I went paint balling!   And as fun as it was and as spent as I was afterwards, it was definitely no substitute for my regular run. Even though it was a workout, a regular run helps me measure my fitness in a different way since I can simply start my fitness app and get a read out of how far and fast I’ve gone. In that respect, it’s a more measurable activity than most which helps with my confidence leading up to a race.

Not only that: it is now Sunday and I’m nursing paint ball bruises and aches from muscles that I typically don’t use while running. In short: when on a training schedule, cross training with other activities is desirable, but take it easy – you don’t want to derail your efforts with injuries which cause you to forfeit planned training days. Spring break definitely threw a wrench in my training schedule. Woosah (deep breath)…moving on… 
This week I’m going to discuss my favorite pre-race meal. If this were a long run I would start my carbohydrate loading during the week of/a few days prior to the race to increase my stores. But since this race is shorter I don’t have the same need for carbs, but I do need fuel to keep me going, thus, a healthy, balanced meal will do. 
The dish on top is my go to meal: 4 oz of salmon (protein), steamed spinach (iron), and rice medley (carb).  

The dish on the bottom is a vegan meal created by friend and SPC Striders member Marie. Her meal is a nod to a traditional spaghetti pre race dinner. This meal has lentil meatballs (protein) and steamed kale (iron) over marinara sauce with rotini pasta (carbohydrates). 

You’ll also want lots of water to hydrate. The key is to avoid “new” things a few days before a race. No new gear, no new shoes, and definitely no new foods. Don’t want to upset that GI tract!