Promises Kept

The community of St. Charles is a prime example of what can be accomplished through the consistent, long-term application of the principles of Smart Growth. For forty years, Charles County has benefited from St. Charles and Docket 90, a legally binding visionary contract and plan established more than 40 years ago and governing the development of all of the villages within St. Charles. Working together, St. Charles has become one of the best examples of master planning and smart growth in the Washington Metropolitan Area and was recently ranked as one of the Top 50 master planned communities in the U.S. by industry data firm, John Burns Real Estate Consulting.

Since 1972, St. Charles has consistently performed its obligations and kept its promises under Docket 90, often accelerating capital investments in order to meet County needs, even prior to those needs being required in the course of our development plans. Residents of Charles County may not be aware of St. Charles’ full impact over the last four decades. If you:

  • enjoy Blue Crabs baseball, know that St. Charles donated the land for the stadium.
  • have children that go to school in St. Charles, know that St. Charles has donated numerous school sites, including the site for St. Charles High School, opening in Fall 2014.
  • play golf or skateboard at White Plains Park, know that St. Charles donated the land for this park, and for Robert Stethem Park on Piney Church Road.
  • avoid Route 301 traffic by taking the St. Charles Parkway, know that St. Charles paid for the extension of this road, the widening of Billingsley Road and the improvements on Piney Church Road – at a cost of more than $35 million.

$100 Million – or more than $2 million a year since Docket 90 was signed in 1972. This is the value to date of St. Charles’ land contributions, grants, fees and construction projects for the benefit of Charles County residents. These funds have translated into roads, parks, schools, protected watersheds, walking paths and bike trails, a library, medical centers, community centers, churches, animal shelters and less glamorous but equally important amenities such as the Mattawoman Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Charles County landfill, and the savings to Charles County in not having to finance all of the infrastructure mentioned here.

The St. Charles Companies remain committed to fulfilling the promise of St. Charles; 9,000 acres of walkable communities, parks, neighborhood schools, bustling retail centers and wonderful homes and apartments for families who value the Southern Maryland way of life. We are passionate about our work and invite you to get to know us better.

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