Helping Those in Need During the Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Charles County Children's Aid Society (CAS) needs your help this Christmas.
CAS helps families and children around Charles County every day of the year, distributing food, clothing, and other assistance daily from their warehouse on Huntington Circle. In fact, over 10,000 clients a year have their lives made a little easier thanks to the charitable efforts of this venerable organization.
But their biggest challenge of the year is on the horizon.

Each December, CAS coordinates the Christmas Connection program, which provides holiday gifts and food to over 1000 families and 3000 children throughout our community. Working with the Department of Social Services, they work to ensure that donations are going to those most in need. It's a tremendous effort that requires dozens of volunteers over four days of distributions to deserving families. These outstanding efforts need your support.
You can sponsor a toy drive, or donate stocking filled with gifts and toiletries for children. Make a donation to the program. Purchase, assemble or help deliver food baskets to senior citizens--an often forgotten clientele at Christmas, but remembered by this fine organization.
Or volunteer your time. The Christmas Connection set up and distribution will be held December 16-20 at South Potomac Church in White Plains. For more information about how you can contribute, visit
Charles County has a great heart. Children's Aid Society helps direct that compassion to those who need it most.