Friday, January 20, 2012

Bill McGee and the staff of Outdoor Creations, and Steve Staples of Charles County Public Roads, were honored for their service to the Westlake Village community at the Jan. 19 luncheon hosted by the Westlake Business Association.

Outdoor Creations, which does landscaping for a number of associations throughout St. Charles, was honored for their thorough professionalism in maintaining the grass and landscaping in the medians along Smallwood Drive and St. Patrick’s Drive, and the flowers at the entrance to Westlake Village at Route 301 and Smallwood Drive.

“Bill’s team does a great job edging, cutting grass, maintaining trees and flower beds, picking up litter--whatever it takes to make our community look good,” said Dexter Bordes of the Westlake Business Association. “They always do a great job for us.”

Steve Staples was honored as Westlake’s Public Employee of the Year. “Every time we need assistance from the county government, Steve is there to help. He always seems to find a way to say yes, and help us,” said Bordes. “We’re glad he is there, and look forward to working together with him to keep our roads safe and well-maintained.”Commissioner Present Award to Steve Staples

The awards were presented on behalf of the WBA by Charles County Commissioners President Candice Quinn Kelly, Commissioners Vice President Reuben Collins, and Commissioners Ken Robinson and Debra Davis.

The WBA is an association of local businesses that work in St. Charles’ Westlake Village, the heart of Charles County’s commercial district. For more information or to join the Westlake Business Association, contact Matt Martin at marketing@stcharlesmd.com