St. Charles Village Lifestyle Making Headlines

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Washington Post recently included a feature story on St. Charles entitled “The village life in St. Charles.”  The article highlights St. Charles’ village-style living, where residents live in close-knit communities that are easily accessible, and generally within walking distance, to schools, parks, community centers, and other amenities.

It also expounds on other benefits of the community, including the quiet town atmosphere in convenient proximity to the Beltway; multiple home styles and price points, allowing residents to “move up” from apartment to townhouse to duplex to single family home, while still remaining in the same neighborhood; excellent schools and sports teams; diverse styles, colors, and layouts to avoid a cookie-cutter look; a cozy community atmosphere; attractive open space and hiking/biking trails; nearby Regency Furniture Baseball Stadium; and community activities and events, including sunset concerts, local artist exhibitions, and the farmer’s market.

Residents interviewed for the article also commented on some of the little things that make life in St. Charles enjoyable – a pond view from one’s home, the sound of a nearby community fountain, and local wildlife.

Photo Source:, Photo by Ann Cameron Siegal/FTWP