St. Charles to Begin Construction on New Pump Station October 1

Friday, September 28, 2012

On approximately October 1 The St. Charles Companies will begin construction of a new pumping station at St. Charles Parkway and Billingsley Road, as well as the associated lines between that intersection and Post Office Road. The new pumping station is an upgrade to one that currently serves the neighborhoods of Carrington, Bannister and Huntington in Smallwood Village, the neighborhoods of Fairway Village (Sheffield, Gleneagles and Heritage), future commercial enterprises like the planned Competitive Power Ventures natural gas power plant and the current and future businesses along Billingsley Road, and future residential construction.

The work will be constructed in two phases. Construction is expected to begin this month on the section from St. Paul's Drive north to Post Office Road, and is expected to last for three months. The second section, from Billingsley Road to St. Paul's Drive, is expected to start in the spring of 2013 and will last 5-6 months. Construction of the upgraded public infrastructure facility, which St. Charles is required to construct under its development agreement with Charles County, will necessitate the removal of all trees in the median of St. Charles Parkway between Billingsley Road and Post Office Road. In addition, the construction will require the removal of some trees on the east side of St. Charles Parkway, between Billingsley Road and St. Paul's Drive.

In keeping with the community’s commitment to maintaining its natural areas, wetlands and canopy, as well as buffers from existing roadways, St. Charles intends to reforest the entire affected area to the fullest extent possible, at a planting density of 680 trees per acre. Under the replanting plan, St. Charles will replant 2,176 trees between Billingsley Road and St. Paul's Drive, and an additional 632 trees in the median between St. Paul's Drive and Post Office Road.

The replanted trees will consist of White Oak, Southern Red Oak, Willow Oak, Sweetgum, Red maple, Sycamore, Virginia Pine, Shortleaf pine, and Yellow Poplar trees. The replanting plan was designed by the consultant for the project, American Forest Management, and was designed after a census was performed of the existing tree stock, with a goal of replanting more trees than will be harvested for the construction work. Trees will be planted from November to March after construction activities end, and will be planted in 3-4 rows of 16-24 inches apart. The replanting plan is expected to be approved by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. After planting, St. Charles Companies will monitor the health of the trees to ensure a survival rate of 436 trees per acre.