Great Things Are Happening Here

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sometimes we can become so focused on our daily lives that we miss what is happening all around us. Can't see the forest for the trees, as the saying goes. But if we step back and take an objective look, we can see what a great forest--that is, what a great community--we live in. The best part is, other people who are looking at us from the outside are recognizing that.
It started when CNN Money recognized Waldorf and St. Charles as one of the best communities to live in America. "The welcoming vibe and safe streets attract buyers in search of home bargains too,” the article states, recognizing that our community is one of the best, if not the best, housing values in the entire Washington, DC market. That has always been true, but it is a distinction we have sharpened recently--and as the housing market rebounds, will become even more apparent.

More recently came the American Community Survey results by the US Census, which listed Charles County as the 11th wealthiest county in America. As put it, "Who knew Charles County demographics could be so sexy?" Pardon me, but we did. Or at least, we should have known. And it's not like that increase was automatic. Our two sister counties in Southern Maryland went down in the rankings. That's not a knock on them. It's a testament to us.
In any case, now the dam of good news is starting to burst, flooding our entire county with positive recognition. Civista, our community hospital in La Plata, was recognized as one of the two best in Maryland and in the top twenty percent around the country. The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, our hometown professional baseball team, was selected to host the 2013 Atlantic League All Star game--an honor they announced on the eve of their fourth-consecutive trip to the league playoffs.  St. Charles' newest apartments, The Nines at Gleneagles, earned the Excellence in Construction award from the Chesapeake Chapter of the Association of Builders and Contractors. Did I mention that our new high school, St. Charles High School, will be the one of the most innovative high schools on the East Coast in its use of technology in education? 
Now some people may never be convinced. But they should be. Because our community is the kind of place where residents took it upon themselves--without state or county government funding-- to restore a lake that had fallen into disrepair, and make it once again a centerpiece of their community. And it's a place that comes together to honor and remember those who fought and died for our country, and never returned home.
So to recap: St. Charles is part of a nationally recognized, All-Star community that is one of the wealthiest in the country, offers excellent value in housing, is constructing a state of the art high school, is served by a hospital that provides superb medical care, offers apartments that set a standard for construction excellence, features residents that take it upon themselves to maintain and improve their community,  and has the character and decency to solemnly remember those who have fallen to make possible all the great things we enjoy today.
Great things are happening here. No wonder so many people want to call this place home.