Finding the Perfect Addition to Your Family

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here in Charles County we are lucky; we have two great places to find a new love for your family:
The Tri-County Animal Shelter & the Humane Society of Charles County.
Don’t discount these sources for your next family member.
If you are someone who only wants a purebred, they become available. My first registered Doberman came to me from the shelter at 2 years of age and fully trained by his previous owner, who  was deployed. What a great dog! No puppy messes, no training needed – just ready to settle in, find love and have fun and DID I SAY THIS?FULLY trained. (disclaimer- not all dogs are trained)

Then there are the adorable Heinz 47’s; just be ready. For the rest of your life, you and others will try to figure out what breeds are in there. Why do you think they came up with Dog DNA kits? The curious way they act and move will keep you guessing.
Tiny, small, big, shaggy, soft, wiry, long haired, short haired dogs from puppyhood to the elderly are available. Hey, don’t discount the older dogs. If you are more sedentary, just want calmness or are a bit on in your own years, adopting an older dog can be the greatest connection. He/she will just settle down with you in a nice cushion by your chair, stroll comfortably along and just love you. What better deal?
Why spend all the money for a puppy when all these adorable unique animals are begging for homes?
Cats, cats, cats…every kind imaginable, every color fur, blue eyes, green eyes, yellow eyes, the snuggle cat, the hugger, the aloof, the playful; each cat is an individual. 
If you think you don’t like cats, maybe you should go sit with some cats and really see.
I didn’t like cats, they were creepy and sinister. Now I have 3 rescues. Each one is very, very different than the next. The personalities of cats in no way resemble dogs. If anything they mirror the people you encounter every day: co-workers, cheerful waitresses, the bossy, the nosy, the very rich, the cranky…you name the person and I bet you find a cat that mirrors that person. Observing them each day is really very funny.
If you are looking for something warm to welcome you home, is non-demanding and self-sufficient, a cat is for you. Cats are simple and low maintenance. Feed them, give them some stimulation through toys or furniture and get a litter box. Understand their unique personality. You have a friend for life. You can even go away for a couple of days and cats are fine as long as you leave enough food. What could be better?
Now that you know about these two places, here’s the pitch
Have some great fun and come out to the “ROARING 20’s”- The  8th Annual TOP DOG DINNER AND CATSINO on March 30th, a great way to fund the non-profit, Humane Society of Charles County, dedicated to the homeless, sick, or injured animals of Charles County.
Next post: How to find the right dog for you and your family style.