Tips For a Successful School Year

Friday, August 24, 2012

With schools opening, many parents are confronting their anxiety about how their child will do in school this year. Every school year is important--whether your child is entering kindergarten, or is a few months away from high school graduation.
Because we live in Charles County, we're fortunate to enjoy very good public schools, as well as a wide range of excellent parochial schools, like Archbishop Neale School. Nevertheless, every parent sometimes needs help--how can I get my child to do their homework? How can packing lunch be made easier? How can I help them adjust socially?

Here is a website that can help. offers advice and tips on all of the above, to help make your student's return to school and happy and successful one. There are math worksheets, advice on how to build writing skills, and even an article on 12 ways to help your child enjoy trips to the library. Check it out, and have a great school year!