Tailgating 101: Tips for Fall Games

Friday, October 14, 2011

With kids going back to school, baseball winding down, and football season kicking off there’s plenty of games to cheer for these days. This Fall get the gang together and your truck ready for some good ol’ tailgating fun. Here are some tips to make your tailgate a true winner…

  1. Get to the game early — it’s no fun to roll into the game stressed and looking for a spot to park your tailgate, that’s why we suggest arriving early in order to avoid any hiccups.
  2. If possible try to stake out a parking spot at the end of a line of cars, ideally near a grassy area – this way you and your fellow tailgaters will have space to spread out and working on your football passing skills
  3. Be friendly — there’s no harm in meeting the neighbors and inviting them over for a drink or a harmless game of pick up football. We also suggest flying a flag from your car, this way your tailgate is easy to spot and your friends can find you.
  4. Keep the menu simple — there’s no need to turn your tailgate into a scene from top chef. If you prepare the food ahead of time and keep it at the right temperature, your tailgate will be gourmet without the mess.
  5. Bring extra — there’s nothing worse than running out of food and drinks and having to ‘run’ go restock.
  6. Don’t forget the cleaning tools — extra trash bags, paper plates, napkins, food wrapped in tinfoil, and plastic cups make it easy to toss the trash and get to the game quick.
  7. Make yourself comfortable — extra blankets, comfy shoes, good tunes.

HHHave a set of jumper cables on hand – there’s nothing worse than having a power failure and being stranded.

  1. Start the day with a full battery on your cell phone — in an emergency its best to be on your game.
  2. If drinking – make sure you have a designated driver

But most of all — BE SAFE AND HAVE FUN!

Image via www.tailgatingideas.com