Local Business: Boston's

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It’s easy to see why Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza restaurant at O’Donnell Lake in St. Charles is one of the area’s most popular restaurants. First of all, there is the wide variety of the food they serve. The pizza is very good; my favorite is the mushroom flatbread pizza. It’s absolutely delicious. However with choices ranging from glazed salmon to ribs to a wide variety of pasta dishes, salads and appetizers, you’re sure to find something satisfying on the menu.

Next is the ambience of the restaurant. The main dining room is spacious, avoiding that crowded feeling many restaurants give by cramming in as many tables as they can. At Boston’s the emphasis is on giving you space to enjoy your company, and your meal, without sharing the conversation with those around you. The bar area has a multitude of televisions, covering all range of sporting events, but best of all is the outdoor patio, that affords serene views of the boardwalk and O’Donnell Lake. Best of all—its heated, allowing patrons to enjoy outdoor dining from early spring to late fall. Boston’s is a great choice whether you are going out with friends for drinks and appetizers, for pizza with the kids, if you are looking for more upscale dining choices, or if you just want a great place to enjoy dinner and the evening breeze. With all that, it’s no wonder why Boston’s has become so popular.