Get Your Kids Moving

Thursday, May 12, 2011

We know that exercise is good for us. But somehow it seems like doing things that are good for us is sort of like “eating our vegetables”. You may do it, but you donʼt have to like it! Regular exercise is really just an opportunity to participate in activities you enjoy. It doesnʼt have to be hours sweating in a gym, or a mandatory physical education class. Great activities that get your heart pumping, stretch your muscles, calm your mind, and nourish your spirit are the kinds of activities that get you (and your kids) walking, running, and swimming! These are activities that are very athletic, but hula hooping, frisbee, and soccer are great outdoor activities that you donʼt have to be a child to enjoy.

Many of us have a frisbee in the closet, and our children would love for us to take time out and use it with them. The Indian Head Rails to Trails path is Charles Countyʼs newest recreational site, and a great place to stretch your legs and enjoy a variety of people-powered locomotion-with or without wheels. Rain or shine, yoga is a wonderful way to develop strength and flexibility. Dance is another way to get off the couch, and on your feet: a way to get your heart pumping and your spirit soaring!

It isnʼt important what you choose to do, what is important is to exercise that choice (and your body) several times a week, every week. SO, stay open to the opportunities around you. Especially if you find something that is fun to do, go out and do it!

by guest blogger, Deborah Stanley, principal, The Studio Cooperative

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