Home Repairs & Upkeep

Michele Lerner
Homebuyers need to plan months or even years in advance to prepare for a big purchase. Homeowners may not need quite as many months to transform themselves into sellers, but they should realize that selling a home, even with the help of a Realtor, requires time and energy. If you’ve decided 2016 is...
Michele Lerner
If you’re addicted to TV shows like “Property Brothers” or “This Old House” you’re probably tempted to buy a fixer-upper and renovate it to perfect condition. While that’s certainly possible, it’s best to go into a renovation with your eyes wide open before you open your wallet.Here are some tips...
Michele Lerner
As the excitement of watching your home rise from the ground grows, you may be wondering when you’ll get to see the inside and walk within your new home’s walls for the first time. If you’re anything like most homebuyers, you may even have a few moments of panic mixed into your excitement,...
Michele Lerner
As a soon-to-be homeowner, you’ve probably been focused hard on saving money to buy your home, making decisions about where to buy and what to buy, and daydreaming about your moving day. But that exciting day you move in is just the beginning of becoming a homeowner; a job that comes with joy and...
Michele Lerner
If you’re tempted by those whiz-bang high tech systems that let you adjust your mood lighting, raise and lower your blinds or check to see who’s at the front door without moving from your comfy couch, you may also be put off by the price of complete home automation. The good news is that while...