St. Charles High School Info Night

Saturday, May 17, 2014

After two years of watching the new high school being built, we cannot wait for St. Charles High School to open their doors for the 2014-15 school year! We've had many questions from residents, so we decided to help bring the school and our residents together by hosting an informational night in the Gleneagles Community Center. Over 100 people were in attendance, which reconfirmed the excitement for the new school.

Right now, we are building new homes in Gleneagles and Fieldside, both of which are currently zoned for St. Charles High School, so both communities were invited to attend. The following individuals from Charles County Public Schools provided a great presentation and answered questions from the crowd: School Principal Richard Conley, School Athletic Director Jennifer Smith, Director of Transportation Richard Wesolowski and Director of Communications Katie O'Malley-SImpson.

The school will be set up as Academic Houses, with classroom spaces assigned by grade-level, with each grade level supporting core content courses along with academic electives. Peforming arts classes will be grouped together for ease of access. There was an overarching theme of collaboration throughout the presentation. Collaboration between students, between students and faculty, between subjects... all components that will help our children prepare for leaving the walls of high school whether it's off to continue their education, into the military, or the working world. 

In addition to the required credits of english, social studies, math, etc., students will choose a pathway option. They can select world languages, advanced technology or the career completer program. There are six paths within the career completer program: engineering, biomedical sciences, teacher academy, fire science & firefighting, business management & finance, and career research & development. For those looking to get a jump start on their college requirements, the school will offer twenty AP courses. The school will also offer a variety of electives, from arts to business to family sciences to JROTC (Marine Corps) so that students have a wide selection to choose from. 

The school's schedule will use an A-B Block model, starting the day at 7:25. Breakfast will be served twice daily: before school and after the first block. Lunch will be an hour, with the entire student body having the same lunch break to allow students time to meet with teachers, coaches, and sponsors for academic support and extra-curricular programs. The school bell will ring at 2:20. 

Extra-curricular activities will range from seventeeen athletic programs to art programs to student government to clubs that partner with outsident organizations. For additional information about St. Charles High School, visit their website and poke around - there's some great information on there.