How to be a Great Neighbor While Living in a Waldorf Apartment

Monday, November 16, 2015

How to be a great neighbor while living in a Waldorf Apartment

When your new home is a Waldorf, Maryland apartment in the beautiful  St. Charles planned community, your new home might be anything from a garden-style walk up to a mid-rise luxury apartment or a spacious three-level townhome. You’ll pick the features you want, and the ones you can live without, to suit your lifestyle and budget. Like many Southern Maryland apartment communities, you'll find great neighbors in St. Charles.

With great neighbors comes great responsibility.

Consider the following Waldorf apartment etiquette tips.

Keep the noise down.

You’ll love your apartment at St. Charles so much that once inside, the outside world disappears, and so you might sometimes forget that you share a wall with your neighbors. Instead, try to be mindful of this. Use your inside voices and keep the television or the stereo turned to a reasonable level — especially late at night or early in the morning.

Man’s best friend has an inside voice, too.

Your dog is the best dog in the whole world, and everyone loves him. We’re sure your neighbors would love him too if they gave him a chance, but it’s likely they won’t — give him a chance, that is — if their first impression is of a dog that howls all day and all night. The happier Fido is, and the more attention he gets when you’re home, the less anxious he’ll be when you’re gone.

Mind the rules of the road (or in this case, the parking lot).

Sure, the space is for driving and for parking, but small children and pedestrians and bicyclists often play in, or travel through, the lot as well. Drive slowly and carefully, and watch for hazards in the road.

Don’t let your car stereo rattle your neighbors’ windows.

You may very well enjoy listening to the radio at an eardrum-busting level but chances are, not everyone feels the same. Turn the volume down once you enter the parking lot to avoid disturbing your neighbors.

Ask your carpool driver to text you when he arrives.

Carpooling to work is a great way to make friends, save money and save gas, but depending on the length of your commute, it may also mean getting picked up before the sun comes up. Ask your ride to call or text you when he comes to pick you up for work at your Waldorf apartment building.

Peaceful, harmonious apartment living is all about treating others with respect and consideration. Take the time to be a good neighbor--it will make your new Waldorf apartment community an even better place to call home.