The American Dream of Home Ownership

Thursday, September 1, 2016

For most of us, buying a house is the single largest financial investment one will make in a lifetime. And with the decision comes a host of emotions – excitement, anxiety and nervousness to name a few. But home ownership is also part of the American Dream, one that so many of us work so hard to reach. This dream is becoming a reality for Nina, and we invite you to meet Nina and her family as we follow along her journey of buying and building, her first home! For updates, search social media using #NinasNewHome

Meet Nina 
After 20 years and 28 days of honorably serving our country as a member of the United States Air Force, Nina transitioned to civilian life with a private sector career. This new life would allow her to remain in one location for more than 3 years, which got her thinking about actually buying a house. As a single mother of two gorgeous daughters, there was so much to consider.

Nina retired after completing her last duty assignment at the Air Force Academy located in Colorado Springs, CO and landed a job in the DC area. And just like you and me, Nina started her search online and found an apartment in Northern Virginia. She moved into a new apartment community in a one-bed apartment in Falls Church while waiting for a three-bedroom to be built. She quickly discovered she could acquire a larger living space for the same price she would pay for an apartment, and her search led her to the townhomes at The Apartments of St. Charles.

Courteous and professional apartment leasing staff guided her to new townhomes near Waldorf that were renting for the same price she would have been paying for a three-bedroom apartment in Northern Virginia. Excited by the possibility, she researched a little more and was ecstatic to read the reviews of the Charles County Public Schools, specifically the brand new state of the art St. Charles High School!

A lease was signed and the family moved from Fall Church, VA to St. Charles, MD. Not soon after the move, Nina fell in love with the community in St. Charles and discovered she could buy a brand new single family home customized for her and never have to live in someone else's dream again! Nina's new home, and her dream of homeownership, was a step closer to reality.