2016 Presidential Primary Early Voting

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

There's an old saying, "Vote early and vote often." We aren't here to tell you to vote often, but you can vote early right here in St. Charles! The Gleneagles Community Center, located at 4900 Kirkcaldy Court, St. Charles, MD 20602, is one of two Charles County early polling places for the 2016 Maryland presidential primary. All Charles County registered voters may choose to vote early in the 2016 presidential primary, Thursday, April 14th through Thursday, April 21st from 10am - 8pm daily. Yes, that even includes Saturday and Sunday, too!

There are some guidelines set forth by the State Board of Elections regarding eligibility. Click here for primary information.
For information regarding early voting, click here

If you're unsure of your status, swing by the Gleneagles Community Center during early voting to check. If nothing else, they will have information available to ensure you're properly registered for the 2016 general election in November.