It's Time to Go Home, Vets - Home to St. Charles, Maryland

Hear ye! Hear ye!

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After years (or decades) of going where the US government told you to go, of living where the US military told you to live, you’re free to choose your own community, your own home — and for your family, that’s Maryland.

Ah, Maryland

Maryland is where you were born, and where you were raised. It’s where you met your now-wife, and where you kissed for the first time. Maryland is where you’ve raced back every chance you could get, and where you’ve dreamed of living after retirement.

When the discharge papers came through, you knew the answer would be Maryland, but you weren’t quite sure where in Maryland… until now. What happens now?

Right now, I’m going to tell you about a little place called Waldorf.

I’m going to tell you about a little place called St. Charles, with a little help from the good people at Military Times. In their first-ever feature on Best for Vets: Places to Live, Military Times identified five small cities in Maryland — most notably: Waldorf, Maryland.

Waldorf, Maryland is located just minutes from St. Charles.

The two go hand in hand, Waldorf and St. Charles.

Military Times, when compiling their list, considered the sorts of military- and veteran-specific culture that draws American veterans to certain communities; Waldorf (and by association, St. Charles) has it all.

“In the Washington region,” wrote Military Times staff writer George Altman, “the same factors that make an area great for vets [— median home price, number of military installations, access to VA health facilities, crime rate, and more —] to live in will also make it attractive for service members to angle for while still on active duty.”

St. Charles wants YOU, veterans, to make your next home in Maryland.

From single-family homes with cathedral ceilings, hardwood flooring, and ceramic baths; to spacious townhomes that boast open-concept, and country-style kitchens, St. Charles, Maryland has the perfect home for every American lifestyle. Check out our Military Families page!