Financial & Savings Tips

Michele Lerner
Whether you’re looking for a house to buy and remodel or have big renovation plans in 2017, financing a major (or minor) overhaul of a property can be a challenge. Unless you’ve got a robust savings account or received a windfall from a rich uncle, your options are likely to be to use a credit card...
Michele Lerner
If you’re like most people, you are too frazzled by the end-of-the-year holiday frenzy to make solid New Year’s Resolutions that will really move you toward your life goals. Yet there are people who manage to make – and, more importantly, keep – their New Year’s Resolutions. If you want to make...
Michele Lerner
While pretty much everyone but accountants and tax advisors despise tax season, homeowners have less reason than renters to hate the IRS. Whether you bought a home, sold a home, refinanced or just kept your home in 2015, you should be aware of the tax deductions available to homeowners so you can...
Karen Widmayer
Good news Charles County! Two different agencies, one public and one private, reported recently that property values are increasing in Charles County.The Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) shows that residential property values in Charles County District 1, which includes St....
Michele Lerner
As a soon-to-be homeowner, you’ve probably been focused hard on saving money to buy your home, making decisions about where to buy and what to buy, and daydreaming about your moving day. But that exciting day you move in is just the beginning of becoming a homeowner; a job that comes with joy and...