Spread Holiday Cheer with Neighbor Acts of Kindness

Monday, December 1, 2014

On our drive home tonight from the Waldorf Winter Market, the kids and I cheered loudly when we saw the very first house in our neighborhood decorated with lights. We love driving around the area looking at all the lights during this time of year. It's such a fun thing to do as a family.

With busy holiday schedules and never-ending to-do lists, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. This year I challenge you to take a few minutes during each week to spread holiday cheer to a neighbor. Giving back is a great way to relieve stress and also teach your children about kindness. Not to mention the benefits of getting to know your neighbors. (You never know when you need that cup of sugar!) Here are just a few acts of neighborly kindness you can try: ​​

  • One night during the week, double the amount of your favorite dish you love to cook and bring it over to a neighbor. For an extra special treat, bring over a bouquet of flowers or bottle of wine. 
  • One morning during the weekend, spend 30 minutes picking up trash in your neighborhood.
  • Leave a small gift on a neighbor's front step, such a $5.00 gift card to a local coffee shop. I can't think of a better way to start the day than with free coffee.
  • Instead of leaving a gift card for coffee, ring your neighbors doorbell with a cup of coffee in hand or on the weekend take them out for coffee.
  • Christmas carol with your kids throughout the neighborhood.
  • If you know your neighbor travels during the holidays, offer to bring them to and from the airport or take care of items that need tending to while they are away (snow shoveling, pet sitting etc.).
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbor! This may seem like a very silly suggestion, but I bet there are a handful of neighbors that you have never actually met. Today is your chance to introduce yourself to that neighbor.
  • Invite your neighbor to celebrate a holiday of random acts of kindness, by bringing over 2 of something (coffee, a meal etc.) and encouraging them to continue to spread the kindness to another neighbor.

Do you have any traditions that you and your family do to spread holiday cheer? Or any other ideas to add to this list? Please share!