Design Trends for a Fall Refresh

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

While the kids get fresh notebooks, backpacks and pencils for the fall, your home may need an update for the new season, too. Whether you’re looking for a small tweak or a complete overhaul of a room, here are a few trends to keep your place up-to-date while still reflecting your tastes.

  • Paint colors: While nearly every model home features a serene mix of grays and creams, paint companies annually identify their color of the year. Early in 2016, Benjamin Moore paints shocked the design world by choosing “Simply White” – and got a little pushback from people who prefer more color. Glidden paint recently chose “Byzantine Blue” as their color of the year, a mix of violet and periwinkle, while Olympic paint picked “Cloudberry,” a soft violet tone. In general, calm paint colors are trendy, such as soft pink, blue, lavender and yellow, but all with creamy gray and cream undertones. Pick your favorite color for a room refresh and remember you can get away with a splash of dark or bright colors in a small space like a powder room.
  • Kitchen trends: If you’re redoing your kitchen or just updating part of it, a couple of new styles have been trending among interior designers. First, two-tone kitchens with different colors or types of cabinets are in, so think about matching white cabinets above with darker cabinets below. Counter materials don’t always have to match, either, so think about a butcher block island or a dark granite island matched with pale counters elsewhere. While stainless steel appliances are still the most popular, newer kitchens are using black stainless steel appliances rather than the typical silver ones.
  • Floral patterns: “Granny florals” – with lots of blossoms in different colors – are becoming popular again for couches, chairs and bedding. To avoid a dated look, don’t match all your chairs and couches in the same floral pattern. Mix-and-match or just go with a small floral accent piece if you’re not ready for the full impact of a big floral couch.
  • Bright touches: While muted tones are popular for walls in most places, adding a pop of color with one bright appliance like a cobalt blue oven in an all-white kitchen or the surprise of a turquoise lamp in your living room can perk up your décor. You can always start with the easy route of a bright toss pillow before you go all out with brightly colored and patterned furniture.
  • Pedestals: Pedestals of every shape and material are showing up in design magazines everywhere – maybe because you can add one inexpensively and change its use often. You can use it for plants, candles, a sculpture or to raise the height of a table lamp or leave it empty as its own interesting statement.
  • Cool mirrors: Unusually shaped mirrors make a statement in your bathroom or entryway and have the extra advantage of making spaces brighter by reflecting light.
  • Luxury accents: Gold and marble have been symbols of luxury for centuries and if you want to add a touch of polish to your home consider adding an accent in one of those materials. Marble counters may be out of your budget, but coasters and candlesticks or planters can upgrade your rooms. Metallic touches in fabric or accent items has a similar impact. In fact, you may want to change out your knobs and handles with a new rose-gold or other color to add pizzazz without a lot of cost.
  • Pendant lighting: If you don’t want to spend the money on an overhaul of your lighting systems, you can swap out some of your light fixtures in your kitchen and dining room with pendant lights. Pendant lights are trendier accessories than traditional chandeliers and are available in myriad styles to match nearly any décor.

While checking out trends in interior design can be fun, remember that the best trends to follow are your own decorating instincts.