Decorating & Gardening

Michele Lerner
Whether you live in a relatively new home or an older residence, there’s no question that a home starts to feel stale if it’s never updated. While watching HGTV or DIY shows may make you feel like a failure for not demolishing your walls and remodeling your own bathroom, there’s an easier way to...
Michele Lerner
While the kids get fresh notebooks, backpacks and pencils for the fall, your home may need an update for the new season, too. Whether you’re looking for a small tweak or a complete overhaul of a room, here are a few trends to keep your place up-to-date while still reflecting your tastes.Paint...
Michele Lerner
Now that summer is on the way, you may be looking for some special way to spruce up your home. Once you’ve planted your annuals and put up your umbrella for shade, you may be thinking that your outdoor space is still missing something. Or your indoor space, in spite of adding some colorful toss...
Michele Lerner
If you look around your home and wonder how it got to be so cluttered, so boring or so unworthy of being in a magazine feature, you may be thinking it’s time to get some help. Whether you find choosing a paint color challenging or can’t seem to decide where to hang your favorite painting, a...
Michele Lerner
Have you noticed that the days are getting shorter already? As dusk sets in a little earlier each evening your thoughts may be a little wistful about the end of the outdoor season. A little cool nighttime air doesn’t have to mean you’re closed off indoors, though, especially if you try one of these...