Kids Day at the Waldorf Farmers' Market

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My family and I frequent the Waldorf Farmer’s Market nearly every Saturday morning from early spring to late fall. Each week the boys love walking around all the different vendors, in search for their favorite goodies. My five-year-old loves to seek out the biggest fruits and vegetables he can find. My three-year-old is fascinated with the bird that Lyle Bradford from Keep'em Buzzin Apiary brings each week. They learn so much just from our local trips to the market, including where our food comes from and what vendors sell the best sweet treats.

Last weekend my entire family enjoyed kids day at the market. It was a perfect sunny day, with clear blue skies and a gentle breeze. I arrived at the market a bit before my husband did, so I had plenty of time to grab a delicious pack of baked goods from Cynthia Ann Desserts for father’s day. After resisting the temptation to stuff a big cookie into my mouth, I took advantage of some quiet time without the kids to indulge in the scents of handmade soaps and fresh cut flowers.







Shortly after, my husband arrived with our three boys and we headed over to the petting zoo, by Mary’s Go Round Pony Rides. If you are local to the area you may have seen the petting zoo at various events, such as the Charles County State Fair, birthday parties, and school functions. My boys loved the huge tortoise, the furry bunnies, and the sheep. The pony ride was gentle enough for my one-year-old to enjoy, while I held on to him from the side.











Once the boys were finished talking to the animals we headed to former Charles County Deputy Pat Riley’s hot dog stand, Deputy Dogs, to enjoy some free hotdogs. The kids devoured the hot dogs in record time, while I purchased a dozen farm fresh eggs from the Finch Family Farm. It was another successful trip to the market!






The Waldorf Farmers Market is a "producer only" event, so farmers and vendors sell only what they produce. Come and support local farms and bring the kids along. The market is open every Wednesday from 3:00 to 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.