Tech Corner: Perdue Goes Solar

Friday, July 15, 2011

This summer, Perdue will install solar panels covering the equivalent of 10 football fields, in what will be one of the largest commercial solar installations in the eastern United States. The more than 11,000 panels will be split between the corporate offices in Salisbury and the feed mill in Bridgeville, Delaware. By September 2011, you’ll be able to spot the Salisbury installation as you cruise westbound on U.S. Route 50. At their peak, the panels will produce up to 90 percent of the electricity required for each of the two facilities.

Perdue prides itself on a strong commitment to being environmentally friendly, as well as stewardship to its communities, and believes that the solar project will both benefit the region and lower overall energy costs. Steve Schwalb, Perdue’s VP of Environmental Sustainability, estimates that the solar panels will reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 3,000 tons per year. That’s the equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions from 300,000 gallons of gasoline! In addition, the solar installation will help Maryland and Delaware in meeting their statewide solar energy goals, set as part of the Maryland and Delaware Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Act.

In the past, Perdue has made positive environmental strides in our region via their Clean Waters Environmental Initiative, designed to help poultry growers prevent pollution, and the poultry litter processing plant, which helps to protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed. To learn more, check out or Thanks, Perdue, for the bright contribution to our region.

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