Earth Day 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It’s become an international nod at the planet we all share since its inception in 1970, a call for communities to hold festivals, an opportunity for Google to animate its home page, a chance for Starbucks to give away free coffee.  But what does it really mean?
When I think about Earth Day, I am reminded of many things – the reusable bags I bring to the grocery store, my Klean Kanteen water bottle, the carpooling efforts I make with family and friends. It’s a check-in point, an opportunity for me to remind myself that my small efforts affect something greater.
Being mindful about how we treat our environment is a logical way to live. None of us purposely pile plastic bottles on our living room floors or light exhaust-fume scented candles in our kitchen.  We take care of our homes because we live in them. And when we step outside our front doors, we aren’t leaving our home – we’re stepping into a greater home, the world in which we all live.  So it makes sense that we take care of that home, too – doesn’t it?

Earth Day can be about citing the number of plastic bags tossed away each year (that would be 1 billion in America alone, equating to 300,000 tons of landfill waste*) or the amount of oil we toss after each oil change (120 million gallons annually*) – or it can be a day to practice living logically, a chance to pay attention to what we do and how we treat our world.  It makes a difference.  And making those logical differences helps us all enjoy a nicer place to live.
*Cited from Clean Air Council
by guest blogger, Brandi Godbee

Photo by Tory Pugliese, Pugliese Photography