Arts & Culture In & Around St. Charles

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Have you ever noticed that it seems more and more difficult to “get the word out” despite the huge number of options we now have for communication?  As citizens of modern society, we are constantly bombarded with information.  Throw in unwanted information such as SPAM, and our minds seem to become saturated.  One day a friend tells us of a great event he attended, and we wonder how come we didn’t know about it.  How did we miss that bit of information? 
Well this is what concerned some arts and culture enthusiasts of the tri-county area a few years back.  There were so many wonderful things going on, but it seemed that we had to check a multitude of different resources in order to be made aware of them.  Wasn’t there some way to consolidate the info? And hence, a new website was born; one to help centralize arts and culture information; one to serve as a hub, directing visitors to resources in the area, and maintaining a tri-county calendar of arts and cultural events.  Welcome to the Southern Maryland Arts and Culture website.


A resource for those seeking opportunities for experiencing self-expression through visual art, dance, music, literary art, and theater, and for those desiring to engage in a variety of cultural events in Southern Maryland. 
On this site you will find:


1.  A Registry of Southern Maryland artists, organizations, businesses, and arts educators – an ever-growing list with individual pages for each one registered, providing descriptions, contact info and links to other websites;
2.   Calendar of arts and cultural events for the tri-county area – this calendar can be viewed by the month, week, or as an agenda listing; it’s also color-coded by type of activity or event. Be sure to list your events, too! 
3.   An Arts News Page – more in depth articles and press releases about noteworthy arts and culture news in the region
4.  Map - pinpoints the location of registered arts and cultural amenities in Southern Maryland
5.   Arts Classifieds - a listing of current needs and opportunities in the arts and culture community of Southern Maryland
6.  Arts Advocacy – information about increasing public recognition and support of the Arts
Check out the site and bookmark it as your one-stop source for arts and cultureinformation in the tri-county area!