Back to School (Again) Tips

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The school year was off to a tumultuous start with earthquakes, a hurricane, and flooding there was certainly no shortage of excitement! The power outages in our area were enough to get all of us a little off track and heading back to school for a second time can be even harder than the first go around. With this in mind, we set out to put together some key pointers for keeping yourself organized in such a disorganized time.

Because heading back to school is always bittersweet and even harder for a second time in just a few short weeks, follow our suggestions and you can turn that frown upside down. Although initially students return to campus with anticipation and excitement, around the third week of classes the honeymoon period comes to a close and the reality of hectic schedules, homework, and responsibilities set in. Add on top of that all the disruption that came with the storms and power outages and suddenly you find yourself off in ‘la la land’ mid math class, daydreaming and silently reminiscing about the simpler times of the dog days of summer when a younger and happier version of yourself and the countless lazy afternoons spent poolside with your buddies.

In the midst of your daydream, your math teacher places your most recent graded homework on your desk, and you receive your very first C-. Your academic career flashes before your head and you know that there will be no ice cream after soccer practice this afternoon. Time to shape up and face the facts - if you don’t pass math this year you can say ‘adios’ to chillin’ out by the pool as next summer will be spent in summer school.

Have no fear young student - we have all your tips here to get you on the right track this year; as setting goals and organization will be crucial to your success this year and will surely help you stay cool and out of summer school.

1. Buy a Day Planner - A day planner will help you keep your busy schedule in check. We suggest you use different colored pens or highlighters to note specific important events or due dates. However, forgetting or losing your day planner won’t help you bring your ‘A+’ game to the classroom.

2. Pack your bag the night before - Before you hop in bed pack your backpack so that you won’t be rushed for the bus in the morning

3. Write your name and date on everything - this way if papers or homework get out of order, you will be able to organize them easily

4. Make a nightly checklist of your homework - and there is nothing more satisfying than crossing off finished homework off the list

5. Use a binder - binders help you keep everything you need for your classes together. We suggest using color-coded binder tabs for each class to differentiate between teacher handouts, homework, and notes.

6. Pack your lunch the night before - or if you buy lunch, budget out how much it will cost you.

7. Plan ahead - set aside time to get your homework done, this way there will be no surprises.

8. Don’t freak out - if you forget a deadline, or suddenly realize that a project is due in two days, don’t fret - it happens to the best of us; take a deep breath, let out some steam, and approach the task with a level head.

9. Don’t forget to make sure you check the weather! As we have learned over the last few weeks, chances are you may need an umbrella or rain boots. In order to make sure you are prepared, check the forecast the night before.

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