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Learn about local events, resources and activities around St. Charles, Maryland. St. Charles is a dynamic, growing community that is a great place to live. Have a question, would like to send us information on your event, or recommend a topic for us? Great, we would like to hear from you.

Michele Lerner
File this topic in the “dull but important” category: checking on your home insurance.While not as painful as a dentist appointment or a trip to the DMV, spending time looking into your homeowners or renters insurance...
The new school year is just around the corner, which means it's back to school time. This year, we've partnered with the Children's Aid Society to host a back to school supply drive at the August 15th concert with Kajun...
Anne Murphy
We’ve partnered with our friends at The Studio Cooperative to bring free community outdoor yoga to St. Charles. Yes, every Saturday morning until August 16th, from 9:30-10:30 (am), an all level gentle vinyasa class will...
Michele Lerner
The lazy days of summer are followed all too quickly by the hectic days of fall, particularly if you’ve got school-age children. Schools are set to open Monday August 25 in St. Charles and savvy parents can make the...
We can probably assume that both you and I are keeping our fingers crossed that Awful Arthur doesn't wreak havoc on our Independence Day celebration plans. And you might be wondering where you can catch some...
Traci Renner
In St. Charles, we are very fortunate to have access to lots of fresh, locally-grown produce. Many in our area have beautiful vegetable gardens, a help to the family budget. For those of us who do not have green thumbs...
Mindi Stavish
My family and I frequent the Waldorf Farmer’s Market nearly every Saturday morning from early spring to late fall. Each week the boys love walking around all the different vendors, in search for their favorite goodies....
Michele Lerner
If you’re an enthusiastic new resident in St. Charles or someone who’s lived in the community for years, the idea of attending a condominium or homeowners’ association (HOA) meeting may not seem like the most exciting...


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